Coordinates of the place

Lyubcha town settlement, Navahrudak district, Hrodna region, 231425.

Latitude – 53.4507, longitude – 26.0326.

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Distance (in kilometers) to all other points of our route along the highway

Barysaw – 236 km

Ziembin – 199 km

Smilavichy – 174 km

Navahrudak – 26 km

Izabielin (Padarosk) – 164 km

Krynki – 206 km

Bialystok – 237 km

Orla – 261 km

Tykocin – 268 km

Local guides and local historians in Lyubcha

If you are interested precisely in the Jewish heritage of Lyubcha and Navahrudak, we recommend contacting Tamara Vyarshitskaya (English, Belarusian, Russian languages). You can ask her contacts at the Navahrudak History and Local Lore Museum (Address: 2 Hrodzenskaya st., Navahrudak; Phone: +375 15 974-59-08; +375 15 974-49-16; +375 15 974-59-18) or the Museum of Jewish Resistance (Address: 66 Minskaya st., Navahrudak; Phone: +375 15 974-49-16).

For individual and group tours in Lyubcha, you can contact Syarhei Kazak, a guide for Navahrudak and Lyubcha (Belarusian and Russian languages). Contacts: +375 29 570-14-76, or via the links here and here.

Excursions around Lyubcha, including animated ones, are also offered at the “Lyubchansky Kolahod” agro-eco-house, where you can also order traditional Belarusian dishes. Phone: +375 29 391-44-63.

Museums in Lyubcha

People’s Museum of History and Local Lore of the Lubcha area

When you get to Lyubcha, we strongly advise you to visit the Museum of History and Local Lore, which is located in the local school. The museum has a rather rich exposition: there are about 1,900 exhibits in eight departments on the history, culture, and nature of the region. Among the most interesting exhibits is a model of the Lyubcha Castle.

Address: Lyubcha secondary school, 1 Maya st., 29, Lyubcha, Navahrudak district, Hrodna region.

Phone: +375 15 977-15-96.


Coordinates: 53.750786, 26.064097.

Jewish cult buildings and places of power in Lyubcha

Synagogue. 3 Yubileynaya st. It was built, presumably, in the 19th century, but over time it was heavily rebuilt. After the Second World War, the authorities gave the building of the former synagogue to the House of Culture, which is still working today.

Coordinates: 53.755035, 26.059057.

Mikvah. 2 Yubileynaya st. (approximate address). The dilapidated building of the Jewish ritual bath is located across the street from the former synagogue.

Coordinates: 53.755556, 26.058761.

Building of the former heder. Behind the house at the address З Yubileynaya st. On the back side of the former synagogue, you can see a stone building with a mansard roof. It once housed a heder – an elementary school for Jewish children. Now it is a residential building with several apartments.

Coordinates: 53.754789, 26.059489.

Yeshiva, or, as indicated in Russian at, “Jewish prayer school”. 12 Savetskaya st. The building of the 19th century now houses the Lyubcha Library (branch No. 3).

Coordinates: 53.753576, 26.061222.

All the buildings listed above together make up the synagogue complex or court. You can read more about it at.

Site of the former Jewish cemetery. Between Prataseni st. and the 1st and 2nd Lenina lanes. There are almost no old matzebot left in the cemetery. A stele was erected in memory of the Jews who died in the ghetto.

Coordinates: 53.752486, 26.052242.

Architectural units and other interesting places that can be seen on the way

Lubcha Castle. 38 Savetskaya st. The castle was built in 1581 on the initiative of Jan Kiszka, a magnate of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. At the beginning of the 17th century, it was considerably rebuilt by the new owner, Prince Kryshtaf Radzivil (Krzysztof Radziwiłł). In the 19th century, a stone palace with Neo-Gothic features existed on the territory of the castle. In 1947-1949, a school was built on the castle grounds using the foundations and partly the walls of the palace. By the middle of the 20th century, only two towers remained from the castle.

Coordinates: 53.7521760, 26.0685790.

Orthodox Church of St. Elijah. 10 Savetskaya st. The church in the name of the holy prophet Elijah is located in the center of the village of Lyubcha. The temple was built in 1910-1914 from bricks in the retro-Russian style on the site of a wooden temple.

Coordinates: 53.753287, 26.060241.

Site of the former Catholic church. 37B Yubileynaya st.Another curiosity of Lyubcha is the site of the former Catholic church. The temple was built before the Second World War and dismantled in 1980. A two-story residential building was built on its foundation, repeating the outline of the church. However, there is an opinion that the old walls of the church have been preserved. According to this version, when in 1986 the temple was rebuilt for housing, its walls were lined with bricks.

Coordinates: 53.749027, 26.055916.

Residential buildings. When you take a walk in Lyubcha, take a close look at the residential buildings of the village, because there you can find buildings of the 19th – the first half of the 20th century.

Transport to Lyubcha

You can get to Lyubcha via Navahrudak.

Public transport

Аўтобус: “АВ Навагрудак – Любча”


Пн., Ср.:7:20, 12:20, 17:20.

Аўт.: 7:20, 12:20, 13:00, 17:30.

Чц.: 7:20, 17:30.

Пт.: 12:20.

Сб.: 7:20, 7:50, 16:10, 17:30.

Нядз.: 7:20, 12:20, 16:10.

Аўтобус “Любча – АВ Навагрудак”


Пн. – Чц.: 8:10, 13:20, 18:25.

Пт.: 13:20.

Сб.: 7:50, 8:10, 18:25.

Нядз.: 8:40, 13:20, 17:30.

Navahrudak bus station help desk number:

+375 159 74-26-08.


The distance between Lyubcha and Navahrudak is 26 kilometers. You can get to Lyubcha by “Yandex-taxi” or by private taxi. Here are their numbers: 135, +375 29 585-51-35, +375 29 385-51-35.

Food (cafés, shops)

Unfortunately, there is no café or restaurant in Lyubcha.

There is only one store in the town – “Euroopt minimarket”. Its address: 10 Salabutsina sq., Lyubcha, Navahrudak district, Hrodna region.

Coordinates: 53.75447, 26.05610.

Rest (hostels, hotels, etc.)

You can spend the night in Lyubcha or Navahrudak:

Hunting complex “Navahrudak Forestry”

Address: 1А Parkavaya st., Lyubcha, Navahrudak district, Hrodna region.

Phone: +375 15 974-46-86.



Grazhina hotel

Address: 5 Pashtovaya st., Navahrudak, Hrodna region.

Phone: +375 29 125-10-68.

Coordinates: 53.599267, 25.823977.

Crocus hotel

Address: 1 Maya st., 57/1, Navahrudak, Hrodna region.

Phone: +375 159 74-30-00.

Coordinates: 53.604348, 25.841728.

“Guest House in Novogrudok” hotel

Address: 17 Verasnya st., 36, Navahrudak, Hrodna region.

Phone: +375 29 304-97-73.

Coordinates: 53.606987, 25.818030.

Novogaz hotel

Address: 44 Valcheuskaga st., Navahrudak, Hrodna region.

Phone: +375 15 94-52-09.

Coordinates: 53.596508, 25.811723.


(Infrastructural information was prepared by: Victoria Lapanik, Ksenia Tereshkova)

Other locations of the route


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