The coordination team of the project included:

“MyZaTantsy!” creative community (on behalf of the Lead Beneficiary) from Belarus;

Fundacja “Teatr Latarnia” (Beneficiary 1) from Poland.

The following worked on the project from the Belarusian side:

Natallia Holava (coordinator)

Victoria Lapanik (volunteer, information and organizational assistant)

Zmitser Kashlach (volunteer, communications assistant, technical support in the expedition)

Valery Yermakovich (volunteer, assistant manager, technical support of the project)

Yulia Baraulya (project volunteer)

Alesya Spadaryk (project volunteer)

Nadzeya Barouka (project volunteer)

Tatsiana Karneika (translator from English, participant of the expedition, musician)

Ihar Zhaltkou (interpreter from Polish, participant of the expedition)

Aleh Chyrytsa (creator of the “Sparrow” logo, designer of the promo materials of the project)

Alina Konarava (PR manager)

Paviel Hanchar (participant of the expedition, photographer in the expedition)

Siarhei Lisitsa (participant of the expedition, ethnographer)

Volya Astasheuskaya (participant of the expedition, folk dancer)

Ksenia Tserashkova (participant of the expedition, journalist, creator of the tourist section)

Zhana Achynovich (participant of the expedition, folklore collector, musician)

Alena Lyashkevich (ethnographer, participant of the expedition)

Darya Piskun (media manual designer)

Alyaksei I. (volunteer, frontend further development of the media manual)

As part of the group from Poland:

Magdalena Dabrowska (coordinator from the Polish side)

Mateusz Tymura (director of Fundacja “Teatr Latarnia)

Paulina Karczewska (project administrator)

Zbigniew Rusiłowicz (participant of the expedition)

Julita Charytoniuk (participant of the expedition)

Ewa Karasińska (participant of the expedition)

Agnieszka Jeż (participant of the expedition)

Michał Stankiewicz (participant of the expedition)

Agata Abramowicz (participant of the expedition)

Zuzanna Ciruk (participant of the expedition)

Agata Abbas (participant of the expedition)

See more interesting facts about Beneficiary 1 here.

The Lead Beneficiary of the project is the State Institution of Additional Education “Children

and Youth Creativity Center of Barysaw district”.




Moderation of the media manual:

Beneficiary 1

Fundacja Teatr Latarnia | Teatr Latarnia

Mateusz Tymura

tel. +48 517 630 316