Walk on the territory of the Bokhvits manor in Padarosk

The manor in Padarosk is one of the objects of a private cultural and tourist cluster that is currently developing near Izabielin. The building of the former synagogue in Izabielin is also one of the assets of this owner. In Padarosk, you can stay for any period of time, book a vacation near the manor house and get to know the history of the Bokhvits, its owners. The object will soon start working as a museum and gallery. Now construction work is being carried out there and plein air events are held periodically. Also, according to the plan, a restaurant and a hotel will be located on the territory of the manor. More information about the place can be found here.

Stream with the participation of our partners 35 min 54 sec.

July 2021

Location – Padarosk.

Language – Belarusian.

Translation – Polish, consecutive.

No subtitles.