“Stones and trees of Padarosk”

Today, Padarosk (derived from “gift” – “padarunak”, or “on the way” – “pa daroze”?) does not look like an old place with a wonderful historical heritage, although it dates back to 1507. But even from the road, you can see the beautiful building of the Bokhvits manor, the restored gate of the manor, the fence with interesting decoration. Although the village was never a Jewish town, there must have been shops and a tavern. According to the plans found in the archives, the tavern was located exactly where the “Rodny Kut” store is now located, at the crossroads. In the past, large fairs were held here. The photo of the last owner of the Bohvits manor and even his autograph, as well as other historical details, are here.

September 2022 

Location – Padarosk.