Walk along Lyubcha with Tamara Vyarshitskaya

Some of the buildings in the town of Lyubcha remind us of the Jewish past of this place. The abandoned house is a former mikvah (ritual bath). And in the house of culture, there was a synagogue before. Nearby is another interesting stone building, possibly a heder (school). The working group of the project, together with the guide and local historian Tamara Vyarshitskaya, is trying to find “Jewish” buildings in today’s Lyubcha, using the old plan of the town, and listen to funny stories about local residents, worth making them into a movie. More materials from Lyubcha can be found here.

Stream 30 min 56 sec

July 2021

Location – Lyubcha.

Language – Belarusian.

Translation – Polish, consecutive.

No subtitles.