Online conversation with researchers and local historians “Preservation of tangible and intangible heritage in the current conditions of the absence of bearers of tradition in Belarus”

A conversation about the problems and successes of preserving the historical heritage in Belarus.

Online and offline meeting guests:

Ales Astravukh, creator of the Yiddish-Belarusian dictionary;

Anton Astapovich, chairman of the Society for the Protection of Monuments;

Mikalai Bykhautsaw, local historian from Vaukavysk;

Uladzimir Runge, local historian and descendant of ” Izabielin German colonists”;

Hanna Svistun, librarian and local historian from Izabielin.

Our partners in Padarosk and Izabielin: “Mayontak Padarosk” (Padarosk Farmstead) and “Belarusian Voluntary Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments”. More information about Padarosk and Izabielin, location coordinates and contact details can be found here.

Video version 3 h 24 min

July 2021

Location – Padarosk.

Language – Belarusian.

Translation – Polish, consecutive.

No subtitles.