Descendant of Izabielin Germans Uladzimir Runge: My Fantastic Grandmother

Uladzimir tells about his grandmother Panya, the daughter of a “simple man”, who was born in Yaroslavl and met the Russian tsar as a high school student, singing to him “God Save the Tsar”. And then, when Lenin came to Yaroslavl after the revolution, they sang the International. Grandma, as a sister of mercy, fought in the civil war, but… Uladzimir was not too interested in memories when he was young, and he can’t even say for sure on whose side his grandmother fought. He also tells about his grandfather Philip Salavey (the Whistler-Robber), who was originally from Izabielin, but not German, and who made grandmother Paula fall in love with him… with a Nagant revolver. About how they did not reach Warsaw. And about the local Mr. Sharay, who did not let the young widow die. And about how the local Izabielin Germans liberated grandmother from the Nazi Germans.

July 2021 

Location – Padarosk. 

Language – Belarusian. 

No translation. 

No subtitles.

Duration 7 min 03 sec.