Zembin Walk with Pantsyaley

The first day of the Belarusian part of the Shtetlfest expedition group is field work in Zembin. A walk with local historian Ales Pantsyaley reveals the secrets of the former Jewish town. 

What connects Zembin and …frogs?

Has Zembin preserved the Gothic layout?

Where is the synagogue in Zembin now? (We’ll hint you, it’s where it was before. Look for a department store.) 

Why small Zembin has a two-story hotel?

And more.

The mikvah (Jewish ritual bath), or, rather, its remains. Abandoned, but not yet destroyed catholic church. Family estates. Ritual black dishes made by Christians for Jews. Yazep Shpet and his wife, who burned all the writer’s manuscripts. “Shpet’s readings” organized by Yazep’s relatives. And the place where the house of the poet Izi Kharik stood.

July 2021 

Location – Zembin. 

Language – Belarusian. 

Translation – no. 

Subtitles – no.

The duration of the video is 19 min 11 sec.

Filmed by Alina Konareva.