Scanned excerpts from a book by Geoff Shiffrin

Scanned excerpts from the book by Geoff Sifrin, great-grandson of the Zembin Jews who emigrated to Africa. The book is based on the memories of Geoff’s relatives.

Two articles presented in our media manual tell about the Zembin badchen (Jewish marshal) – the great-grandfather of the poet Izi Kharik, as well as about Izi Kharik himself. The pictures of the market square in a village near Zembin from the 1930s are also interesting.

The book was presented by the author to the Barysaw local historian Alexander Rosenblum, who handed the book over to the Zembin library. The book is not available for checkout, as there is only one copy, but any visitor can sign up at the library and study the book on the spot, in the reading room. 

The text is in English.

(Scanned by Valery Yermakovych, Natalya Golova)

June 2022

 Location – Zembin.