Descendant of Izabielin Germans Uladzimir Runge: about inter-ethnic relations and what Izabielin was like in the 1950s when Uladzimir was a child

Uladzimir explains why “they didn’t like Jews anywhere” and how people of different faiths lived in the town of Izabielin. How did a guy with the German surname Runge live in Belarus and Poland. And, in general, how a surname affects life and career. And also about the time of poorness and the identical plush short  coats of Izabielin Catholic and Orthodox women. About his attitude to “liberation from Poland”, about Belarusian-speaking villages and about “pruzhechki” depicted in the primer. And about the letters “K” and “P” on the signature Izabielin roofing – Carl Runge (Карл Рунге).

July 2021 

Location – Padarosk. 

Language – Belarusian. 

No translation. 

No subtitles.